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Scotland starting to smell better

Food waste is being taken seriously in Scotland. Strong legislation is in force mandating commercial businesses to have separate collections for food-waste for weekly quantities greater than 50kg. This covers most of your restaurants, pubs serving grub, carry-outs and anything large scale like schools, prisons, universities etc. And it’s getting tighter. As of 2016 the weight limit is dropping to 5kg and extra measures such as macerators being banned from hospitals are being introduced. This means opportunity, particularly if you already in the waste business. And it’s not just food.… Read more Scotland starting to smell better

Defending real food

These thoughts are brought to you after digesting Michael Pollan’s book “In defence of food” and also my own research. Takeaways: Simplification is not always a good thing Eating vs Feeding Fat is not bad for you Simplify at your cost The complexity of food, in its chemical composition, its relationship with other foodstuffs in human diets and its relationship to the environment in which its grown means ‘food science’ is very much an immature science. We only have to look to the diets proposed by experts which recommended margarine… Read more Defending real food


  Week 2: The everythingness of it all The first chords of Scratch Series have been struck. Easing off the gas before Santa arrives David and Ben have hung up their chef whites. It’s been a lively opening sequence and we’re reflecting on what’s been and gone. Systems and processes are on the learning agenda. Streamlining the bookkeeping and plating of food will save time. And mastering the art of the maitre’ d is also required. As a chef in a traditional kitchen you have little idea who’s eating, tables… Read more GUEST BLOG: SCRATCH SERIES POP-UP RESTAURANT

Food independence

These thoughts are brought to you after digesting “The virtues of the table, Julian Baggini” and my own research. Takeaways: McDonald’s isn’t such a baddy Michelin-star restaurants love Nespresso Tea is the new coffee Interdependence and independence Based on my pop-knowledge I was interested by the argument that organic or local are not necessarily superior to their counterparts. Baggini proposes an interdependence of food systems that goes against the ‘community selfishness’ that can pervade solipsistically minded local food projects. For example, is rhubarb picked 200 miles in Lincolnshire less local… Read more Food independence