Leaders Summit: Water and the circular economy

Circular Economy Leaders Summit

On 31st May the Institute of Water is running a conference bringing together the best minds in the UK water industry. It’s fun to be working with previous partners in crime from FutureX on the design and implementation of the day.

This event, part of the Hydro Nations programme, is inviting established and emerging leaders from the sector to work out a common path together under the banner of the circular economy.

The World Economic Forum cites a global water crisis as the biggest threat to mankind over the next decadeWithout access to water we stop functioning, quickly followed by integral services like transport and sewerage. It doesn’t take long before things start heading south very swiftly after that.

The challenge for humans is to how manage our relationship with accessible potable water, approximately 0.007% of the total volume of water on the planet. A small percentage of a large volume and critical to our civilisation.

On the day we’ll be joined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Veolia, many small innovative organisations and a host of expertise from service providers like Scottish Water. If you’re working with, associated or interested in the water sector and the future of its sustainability this is not an event to be missed!

Veolia are hosting a trade space and we’re now taking reservations for businesses interested in a complimentary stall – contact me for more information.

Tickets are available through the Eventbrite page and there is more information on the website.

See you there!


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