Future Health Hack

Future Health Hackathon with Product Forge

Over 20-22 January around 100 good people gathered at CodeBase to hack on the topic of Future Health. As someone who’s had the fun of pulling together large scale events before I was impressed. Practitioners from the data arm of NHS Scotland, doctors, analysts, design students, a slew of coders and mob of the willing and interested presented themselves. And through wilful abuse of social media the Chief Medical Officer (basically the CEO) for NHS Scotland also showed up. It was a good effort from the organising team at Product Forge, a four person startup.

The winning team, oBay (Organ Bay), built a front and back-end system to reduce the waiting time for organ donor patients. No money involved – their promise.

My team, MyICU, designed an app to facilitate the journey for families and friends of loved ones in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). The impetus behind this was the time I spent with a family member in ICU. Basic information about ICU, from the doctors in the ward, the machines, to treatments is hard to come by. From my families experience having easy access to relevant and useful information would have eased our stay. Even a tiny difference counts: from the Journal of Clinical Nursing:

Meeting the needs of the family of ICU patients is likely to lead to better outcomes for all concerned, including decreased distress, reduced tension between family and staff, and more attention being paid by staff to patients’ needs

Here is an extremely basic outline of some slides of what it could look like:


We (the MyICU team) are pushing a few doors now to see if we can get some traction on development…Any updates will be posted!

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