Politics as if the world mattered

politics as if the world mattered.jpg

Being right is great. It’s satisfying to correct someone, a fervent believer of whatever, of misunderstood interpretations or missed subtleties. In being right we help others see more clearly and, if we are honest with ourselves, perhaps educate them along the way. In our correctness, we hold the torch of truth to others mistaken beliefs and value-sets.

God does not exist. I can be in a same sex relationship. You can’t trust ‘cat’ people. Goatees are just wrong. Death metal is a legitimate form of music. Immigration is a root cause of social fracture.

Do you agree with these statements? Well done, you are correct.

When I feel a bit grown up I can accept men with goatees might be reasonable human beings. I do need to have been reading my Pema Chodron to get onside with Brexit however, and maybe there is something refreshing in Trumps lack of PC’ness?

The path to wisdom, so I’ve read, lies in choosing not one extreme or the other. Balance – an important quality to possess and help to ourselves navigate, for example, a world of ‘post-truth politics’. Emotionally charged counterblast with all the care taken with accuracy and precision as an epileptic baboon with an AK47, some might say.

Both/and choices offer room for dialogue. You can believe in a multitude of sexuality types and also play host to an inner Trump and Sanders. Black or white choices offer no room for an ‘it depends’ outcome – how can a referendum ever deliver a non-divisive result? It would take political courage to seek out the grey, fuzzy areas of compromise. A new type of politics, as if the world mattered.

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