A snowballing of resources

snowballing of bioeconomy resources
A snowballing of ideas… 🙂

Diving into this topic I’m finding more and more about all the cool projects happening worldwide. The word projects is inclusive of startups, solopreneurs, systemic change within ‘big business’, university research/degree programmes, legislation…the list goes on. Just yesterday I found the Circular Economy section of The Guardian which is a glorious aggregator for everything I’ve tried to talk about here.

Mainly for my benefit I’m going to start a list of related links which I’ll grow over time. I’ve done this before but this will be an ongoing snapshot across all sectors rather than focused on a niche like startups. Apologies for the UK bias:


Guardian Circular Economy: delighted to discover this

Veolia – Living Circular: from a mega waste corporate

Circular economy news: does what it says on the tin


Startups and businesses: this will always be a mere snapshot – I get some of my best updates through Springwise.

Biobean: already talked about this here

Cellucomp: ditto

Impossible foods: what a concept, and the tip of the iceberg for ‘food’ in the 21st century

Ecover: an old classic from a Belgian company who started it off before it became cool to be in the bioeconomy

Fairphone: Dutch company combining social justice with re-use principles


University courses: the below mainly focus on the biotech element of waste. The biggest breakthroughs in understanding how value can be generated from waste will be derived from a molecular basis.  

Wageningen University:  really great course where you can specialise in the biotechnology of waste 🙂

Delft University of Technology: Industrial Ecology and Environmental Biotechnology

University of York: Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence


People and organisations

Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre: launched in Jan 2014 in Scotland

Tristam Stuart: more of an activist, big on food waste

Biomimicry Institute: biomimicry/bioeconomy – same deal. They also have a resource list.

Chartered Institution of Wastes Management: UK membership body for waste. How long before they drop the W word? 🙂

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: dedicated to the circular economy, inspired by one of Britain’s greatest sailors and her travels around the oceans

Zero Waste Scotland: you gotta be in Scotland – they also provide funding



Events: of course there are plenty small ones but these are annual conference

Industrial Biotech annual event in Scotland

Disruptive Innovation Festival

Royal Society of Chemistry: annual event on renewable chemicals from waste

Resourcing the Future: flagship event on waste in the UK

I’ll continue to build this resource list as I find brilliant and interesting people, subjects and organisations to add.

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