Becoming popular again

popular waste industry   Waste companies operate in a funny grey area. Quasi B2C&B or something. They collect from your doorstep, both residential and commercial properties. Their customers are government, local councils and private businesses. They serve you probably everyday and you probably see them daily on the street. But how many times have you ever spoken to your binman? Many businesses I speak with are barely aware of who manages their waste.

“Who the hell’s my bin company and how do I contact them?”. A common refrain I hear. Why is it so difficult and painful to contact these companies? Why is the customer service so poor? I’ve written about the popular image of the waste industry and how it’s ripe for disruption. But right now there is opportunity for change – it doesn’t have to wait.

3 steps to popularity:

Use digital

There is no excuse for not making use of digital tools to support business. The most customer-facing portion of digital tech – social media – is woefully misused or not used at all by most waste businesses. Simply doing social well would be a giant leap.

Understand marketing

When was the last ad you saw from a waste company? Marketing can be about making you want things and also an exchange of information. Education and awareness – both massively lacking in the public and low hanging fruit for companies to tackle.  

Branding (do they give a f***k)

Before I got involved in this industry my common perception was no one in the waste business gave a monkeys. They certainly weren’t an environmental business and it wasn’t an important sector. Plus they did a useless job of it anyway. I’d imagine this is not an unusual view. Like marketing, branding is a positional agent sorely needed.

Who’s gonna start first?

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