No need for slave prawns

slave prawn industry thailand   I love tiger prawns. Tender and juicy and fat. Much as new America loved tobacco, sugar and cotton along with the rest of Europe. All financed by slaves, propping up a ‘civilized’ economy like Roman and Egyptian civilisations before them.

Great progress has not been made on the slavery front. Particularly not if your Mauritanian or South-East Asian. What’s the link with waste and prawns? The technology now exists to grow prawns in temperate countries – such as Scotland (which is a long way from temperate tbh) and remove the role of climate in providing a suitable environment.

I’ve talked about how Aquaculture systems provide a closed-loop means of waste and water management. There is further scope for introducing a renewable heating element using anaerobic digestion. Recent developments are using grass as the primary ingredient. Cheap heat would improve the economics of the prawn industry and move it along from the dark ages. It’s something I’ve looked at here in Scotland and there is appetite though it’s early days.

If you are looking for an ethical alternative right now in the UK – go for North Atlantic trawled prawns – less juicy but slave-free.

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