Why do people hate waste management companies?

File_Anger_Controlls_Him_jpg_-_Wikimedia_Commons   Let me paint a picture of the public’s opinion of the waste industry:

  • Resented
  • Looked down upon
  • Hated
  • Shoddy
  • Incompetent
  • Mistrusted

I’d be surprised if the first adjectives brought to mind by anyone when thinking of this sector would be positive. It’s remarkable that waste companies continue to turn a profit given the general level of antipathy they generate from their customers. I know this because I’ve spoken with a lot of them and much of the language is too Anglo-Saxon to be printed here.

Two questions a) why is this? b) how do they stay in business?

The second questions is easy to answer – the demand for the service is never going away and will only increase. More people = more waste, it’s a simple equation and it ain’t changing any time this century.

The first question is more of a head-scratcher. Surely the essence of all this dissatisfaction is customer service – fix this and your business will thrive and out-compete the market. Well partly. However, most of the larger players will shout about their dedication to the customer and yet so many fall way short. My feeling is it’s a perfect storm of low wages, poor brand image and antiquated thinking.

Waste just needs to become sexy and catch up with the technology revolution. Remember when cooking was all Delia Smith and Gary Rhodes? The gadget-fiend Heston equivalent of waste is what’s needed, no doubt.

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