A day in the life of a bin man

bin_man_truck_waste_-_Google_Search    Ever noticed the anonymous high-viz men who steer large bin trucks about town? Today was my first day and there’s now one less item on my bucket list. Get a gig as a professional bin man. There’s a lot to be learnt behind the wheel of a large truck and hoiking wheelie bins of bowfing rotten food into its rear end:

  • I now have more respect for the physical strength required to lug up to 300kg of biohazard around.
  • You also start really early – try 4am, which is somewhere between a night and day shift.
  • There’s such a thing as a 25 hour day – completed on a round trip to Skye for a single bin
  • I saw four different trucks doing the same job within five minutes. Talk about inefficiencies.

The future of bin collections does not lie in ever more companies scrapping over a relatively constant number of customers. The charge for bins has been driven down with competition but the cost of tipping has gone up so waste management companies are fighting at both ends. If the price of gate fees (think landfill tax) doesn’t drop then two things will happen

  1. The smaller players will go bust and the sector will consolidate
  2. New opportunities will arise through the increasing value of organic waste e.g. coffee beans

The second option is where the money is and where the beady eye of any entrepreneur interested in bio-business should be peeled.

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