Waste inc.

re_thinkking_waste_-_Google_Search  What are the most interesting companies working in the circular economy aka the next ‘next big thing’? As part of my ongoing research into the wider world of resource management I’m categorising what may become a regularly updated list of market leaders. Depending on who you listed to the opportunities with the circular economy (CE) are valued up to $1 trillion so it’s not small potatoes.

The following list can be grouped broadly into three areas: general waste re-imagined, biomimicry and rethinking ownership. Some of these are already trading profitably others are at the R&D stage. Some of the more fascinating concepts are linked closely with nature – biomimicry – which is in itself a wonderland of plagiarised nature; Shrilk blouse anyone?

The fastest growing waste stream globally is e-waste, driven by systemic influences including but absolutely not limited to: a growing population, a burgeoning middle class, obsolete business models and design obsolescence. There’s no company below which directly deals with e-waste but no doubt they are out there because it’s a multi-billion dollar problem that’s not going away.

Waste management re-imagined
Rubicon ‘Black box’ online trading market to align consumers and waste collectors incentives
Bigbelly A solar powered bin that crushes your rubbish on the street
Recology On brand, consumer engaged collection company that genuinely cares for environment
Ecovative Using mushrooms to replace plastics and packaging
Vegware Using plants to replace plastics and packaging
Agriprotein Making fishmeal and bio-diesel from fly larvae
Rethinking ownership
Riversimple Environmentally conscious hydrogen powered cars
Fairphone Triple bottom line mobile phone


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