Guest blog: Hell yeah!

2. Sourdough Bread copy   You’ve been under the covers with Scratch and now it’s time to get involved with the business-end of things. I was a guest for this week’s service so this is the closest to a restaurant review this blog will get. Somewhere between soft food porn and observations from the dining table.

Hell yeah. Sometimes it’s best to start at the end and skip to the point. Should you go? Is it worth it? Hell yeah! I enjoy technicolour experiences which touch all the senses. And things which are one-off’s are even more vivid. In this sense Scratch is the culinary equivalent of your best ever holiday romance. Breathless, tasty and red hot.

Let’s start with tasty. Is the food good? No – it’s fucking delicious. Of course it is, with the bios of David and Ben anything less would raise eyebrows. Of the seven courses the one that struck me the most, and fellow guests, was the scarlet elf cup mushroom number (see pic below). One bite and it was like I was in an actual forest with all the sensations of earthy pungent goodness.

scarlet elf cups  Breathless because of the delivery style and animated presentations for each dish. As maitre’ d Ben is straightforward and personal but there’s no time for frills. You’re directed to your chair and sit yourself down and put your own napkin on your lap. As sommelier, bottle options are shouted out across the room and distributed post-haste. As waiter, each individual course is introduced which adds an extra dimension and allows the duo to express the enthusiasm they have for their craft.

And it’s red hot because, through my eyes, this is just the beginning. The requisite talent, drive and passion are there, it’s simply a question of where it gets funnelled next. I’m excited to think 10 months and 10 years from now which path the pair will be forging, together or not. But right now, get your winter holiday romance fix and make a Scratch reservation.

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