pudding pic  Week 2: The everythingness of it all

The first chords of Scratch Series have been struck. Easing off the gas before Santa arrives David and Ben have hung up their chef whites. It’s been a lively opening sequence and we’re reflecting on what’s been and gone.

Systems and processes are on the learning agenda. Streamlining the bookkeeping and plating of food will save time. And mastering the art of the maitre’ d is also required. As a chef in a traditional kitchen you have little idea who’s eating, tables are numbers, not guests. Here you are welcomed at the door, cooked and waited on, and shown out by the same two people. The intricacy of being an excellent host is a new skill-set.


“The everythingness of it all is hard work. Washing pots as a 15-year old you dream of having your own place. The reality of it is you’re responsible for everything”. But with ultimate responsibility also comes freedom. “You can always blame someone else when you’re not in charge”. You can cook in a pink mankini and sing hits from the 80s to your guests when you’re the boss of everything. And when reservations dry up you’ll know where to point the finger.

In this restaurant diners are happy and bookings are being taken into March. “Someone gave me a hug last week to say thank you for the food”. In the pipeline are further culinary delights. Soft drinks (but interesting, like sage cordial) and pastries (think epic petits fours) will be developed over the break for the evolving menu. And themes too, including a veggie week, with some classics and significant others (Italian and perhaps Korean).

So get set for the start proper on 8 January! The afterburners will be lit for an uninterrupted run until the end of March. Wishing you all an extremely Merry Christmas and a delightfully happy New Year!

For bookings see here:


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